Thursday, July 14, 2011

Four score (months) and seven weeks(ish) ago...

I started this blog.  And I have been going in fits and starts since.   My tally is 11 pounds lost, 2 gained back, and holding steady.   I exercise, now.  I LOVE karate.  I even started (and stalled on, but have gotten back to) a couch to 5K.   My fits and starts are closer and closer together, which to me signals that I am nearing a real changeover where the relapses will be even fewer and farther between.  The carbs, they have a hold on me (stupid sugars acting as opiates!). 

A paleo, really low carb lifestyle is just not in the cards for me - nor really, do I think I want it to be...however, a mainstream "moderate carb"/Dr. Oz thing is not my bag, either.  I am a moderation type girl, but I can feel the moderation being way lower than a standard american diet "moderation" - i.e., the SAD guidelines hover around 250-300 grams of carbs a day.  When I was really really working at it I was keeping carbs below 80 grams a day, but that has not proven to be sustainable at this point in my life.  I do, however, think I could keep under 100 pretty easily and long term, which is something to feel good about.    When I look at my diet a year ago compared to today, it's an unbelievable difference.   The things I've learned I can easily live without are amazing.  The things I've found as sticking points are, well, sticking points.  And I need to get to a place where they are no longer sticky. 

Life is going to be crazy for me in the next 12 months (husband starting a 1-year intense academic program plus working on weekends and any schoolnight he can squeeze it in, so I'll be holding down the fort solo for the next year), and I will be trying my level best to attack the sticking points, but allowing myself grace when I falter.  There is a related diet/lifestyle thing going on with the kids, which I will put in another post in the coming days, as it has taught me a lot as well about them, and myself.

The next year's plan is:
-  Whole foods as much as possible
-  Good sources of protein and whole fats
-  Really limit white flour and sugar and use whole wheat products sparingly (not a problem, since I'm not particularly fond of a lot of whole wheat products anyway) - this is actually not difficult for me when I actually DO it.  I just slip back into old habits without even thinking about it
-  Make potatoes and rice COUNT when I eat them, in small portions and savor them instead of shoveling
-  Stop drinking FLIPPING SODA.  It's insanity.  The worst part is I actually LIKE plain seltzer, so I have no idea why I keep reaching for soda (when I'm out - we haven't had it in the house for months now)

And keep on exercising.  I am really, REALLY not a fan of warm weather, so this really challenges me for the summer months.  I have to keep up the running because I am signed up for a race with friends in August and I don't want to be beetlebomb finishing 2 hours after them.  But I think in the future, I am not going to be running in the summer and will stick with inside, cooler activities - and not sign up for races in the dead of summer (derp).  Though karate is a sweatfest too since they do not have air conditioning in the dojo, just fans.

 It would seem like I totally have the discipline to do this, it's just dopey hardwired habits that happen when I'm not ultra focused.  I have a LOT to think about and keep track of every day in my life, and unfortunately this gets pushed to the back after kids, husband, family, friends, work, house......but - I'm confident it will come more easily as I keep on keepin' on.

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